Apex Access is a leading provider in specialist access services throughout South Africa.

With our expert knowledge and extensive experience, Apex Access has been providing our clients with the best rope access and working at height solutions since 2009.

Experienced Management

The experienced Apex Access management team is available to discuss and advise on any working at height access issues. Our effective and successful solutions provide our clients with cost effective and safe ways to overcome problematic access areas on all types of buildings and structures. The flexibility and fast set up time allow for minimum impact and disturbance to the surrounding environment, whilst the highest level of safety is maintained.

Qualified Technicians

All our staff are trained professionals and qualified with the necessary Work-at-height certificates. All equipment used is state of the art, and inspected prior to and after any completed project. Site specific assessments and method statements are adhered to in the strictest manner and all our technicians undergo regular medical check-ups.

Effective Solutions

Utilising project appropriate techniques, we offer numerous solutions and services to complete your required cleaning, inspections, installations and maintenance.


We utilize proven methods of achieving access to positions at height or difficult to reach areas. These include:



Our cleaning contracts range from some of the highest office blocks through to residential apartments and industrial structures in South Africa, using various methods including vacuuming to power washing. We guarantee to find safe, effective solutions to any high level cleaning, without causing damage or disruption.

• Window washing
• Silo cleaning
• Signage cleaning
• Industrial cleaning
• Warehouse cleaning
• High level dusting and vacuuming
• High pressure cleaning
• Screens and Gutter cleaning
• Bird dropping removal


Timely and accurate inspections can ensure that all cleaning, maintenance and installations are planned appropriately and efficiently. We can offer outstanding service to ensure that client assets are managed and maintained to the highest standards, saving time and money, without compromising on safety.

Our experienced team of surveyors and technicians can carry out inspections on high rise buildings and structures, with minimal disruption to the owner or asset.

• Ultrasonic wall thickness testing
• Structural integrity survey
• Ducting inspections Window sealing and silicon inspection
• Anchor point testing
• Drone inspection
• Spalling surveys
• Visual and photo inspection


For difficult access solutions, Apex Access offer a range of services to access, install or remove various industrial items. Our experienced team of technicians are fully equipped to offer various high level installations on any buildings and structures. Furthermore, we offer installations of safety systems to existing structures, and advice of safety and ongoing maintenance systems of new facilities.

• Anchor point installations
• Safety installations like cabling or netting
• Roof fixing, Glazing
• Cladding
• Systems installation such as antennas and transceivers
• IBR sheeting replacement / installation

Anchor Point Installations and testing

Anchor points are crucial for the safety of work at height operations. It is typically installed on roofs and are used as a connection point for lifelines, work restraint systems and rope access. Apex Access not only installs anchor points, but also conducts quality and strength testing of these points, to ensure the safety of any work at height team.

• Anchor point installations
• Anchor point testing
• Existing anchor point replacement


Using Work at height techniques, our experienced team perform a wide variety of maintenance tasks with minimum levels of site disruption and without the potential for surface damage often associated with other access methods.
The cost implications associated with other means of access to some maintenance requirements are in some cases disproportionate to the actual work required, or it might be impossible to use other methods of access. Work at height solutions contributes to speed of coverage and puts technicians in close contact with building and structure surfaces. With extensive experience in the maintenance field, Apex Access can advise and design schedules and offer contracts, in order to keep buildings and structures in optimum condition.

• Painting
• Concrete repairs
• Façade repairs
• Changing light bulbs
• Signage repair
• Pipe repairs and fitting

What are the benefits of rope access?

Rope Access provides many benefits compared to traditional access methods like scaffolding and cradles. Once access has been gained through rope access, various applications are possible. Rope access provides the following benefits:


Rope access professionals can apply the techniques to a wide variety of environments, from confined-spaces like silo’s to high rise buildings tower structures to complicated steel installations.


Rope access is very economical. Because access is gained faster, fewer personnel can accomplish faster completion and downtime is reduced drastically, lower costs is the result. As a comparison, rope access is generally around 70% cheaper than scaffolding, and also saves time on design and construction.

We would simply mobilise a team of rope access technical engineers to carry out works with minimum disruption to planning and on budget.


Rope access systems are installed and dismantled quickly and require fewer personnel than traditional access methods. Less interference with other facility operations means less disruptions and minimised downtime.


Rope access techniques and equipment has minimal effect on the surrounding environment compared to traditional access methods.


Independently certified rope access technicians uphold an exceptional safety record which makes it one of the safest jobs in the whole construction industry.

Apex Accomplishments

    • Apex Access has completed work on some of the most impressive buildings and structures in Southern Africa, including the current and previous highest buildings in Africa – The Leonardo and the Carlton Centre. A number of projects has also been completed on National Key Points including the Reserve Bank, Eskom power stations and SABC. Projects have also been completed in a number of SADC countries like Angola, Botswana, Lesotho and Zambia.

      Work for Apex


      If you are looking to become involved in the rope access industry, you will need to do a rope access level 1 training course. For further information email us at cv@apexaccess.co.za

      Employment opportunities

      We welcome enquiries from skilled and experienced industrial roped access technicians. In order for a technician to be employed by Apex, ideal applicants would have previous experience in industrial rope access, as well as technical or trade qualifications. You must be capable of working with a small team in potentially hazardous environments which require attention to detail. We are interested in enquiries from potential staff at all levels; Site Technicians, Site Supervisors, Operations Managers, Project Engineers. If you have IRATA/RAAFA qualifications and relevant experience and are interested in working with us, please apply in writing with a letter of application and c.v. to: cv@apexaccess.co.za

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