The industry of window cleaning has evolved immensely the last couple of years. We will discuss each of these technologies in a couple of sessions.


Water-fed Pole System

Water-fed pole system uses purified water in conjunction with an extendable pole and brush to clean windows, building surfaces, vinyl awnings, solar panels etc. This system pretty much replaced the previous system of telescopic poles, as this is a much faster and more efficient way of cleaning windows.

The mechanics behind the system involves the creation of purified water.  This is done by removing the sediments and total dissolved solids (TDS) from the water through a process of reverse osmosis. Normal tap water has several different dissolved solids held in suspension in the water. When a window is washed with this water, it tends to leave water streaks and thus not a proper, clean window.

Pure water wants to return to its natural dirty state. The brushes on the poles disturb the dirt which is then grabbed by the water without the need for chemicals. It attracts dirt from the surface like a magnet.  Once the dirt is gone, and the window is washed with purified water only, the glass will dry clean and spot-free.


The Advantages of the Water-fed Pole system:

  1. Fully complies with health & safety regulations.
  2. Technicians work from the safety of the ground, eliminating the need for ladders & high access equipment.
  3. Previously inaccessible windows can be reached with ease.
  4. Windows above sensitive areas such as lawns and flowerbeds, can now be cleaned without damage.
  5. Environmentally friendly as no chemicals or detergents are used, just pure water.
  6. Cleans frames at the same time as glass.
  7. Reduced disturbance to building occupants and maintains privacy.
  8. By making use of lightweight poles, windows up to 4 storeys can be reached.